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Tristan Dau, J.D.

Managing Attorney & Founder

Tristan is the founder of Dau Law Firm and is in the The Order of Barristers.

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Sung Je Lee, J.D., LLM

Associate Attorney

Sung Je is an Associate at Dau Law Firm and is in the The Order of Barristers.

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How can Dau Law Firm help you?

  • Business Law

    In today’s legal and regulatory environment, litigation can threaten a company’s very existence. We know our clients’ businesses and their level of risk aversion. Our advice incorporates not only the law, but practical guidance based upon our teams’ real world business experience. Our business law team handles a wide range of legal issues in business, real estate, wage and hour, worker’s compensation and other employment law issues, and as a small business ourselves, we can appreciate your bottom line.

  • Family Law

    Perhaps the one of the most stressful times in a person’s life involves the break up of their family. While you are attempting to cope with the emotional stress of it all, the legal aspects have serious and lasting implications. Allow us to help you navigate the legal process while determining community property in a divorce, child custody and support, modification of existing custody orders and many other matters that are far from your mind. Our job is to present to you the best information we have that create the best options you can choose from. Then we achieve the outcome that best fits your family’s need.

  • Trademarks & Copyrights

    We can introduce you to great graphic designers, website developers, and marketing companies to get your brand out. We also help you protect your investment in your brand by creating additional layers of protection through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If someone is accusing you or your business of trademark or copyright infringement, we can defend your use, assert your lawful claim, or even prevent them from using it.

  • Personal Injury

    For most accident victims, the injuries and physical pain that result are only the beginning. Extended hospitalization and rehab may make it impossible to return to work right away. This, combined with overwhelming medical bills, can put entire families in jeopardy, and make it difficult if not impossible to move forward with life. You are living this experience, you shouldn’t have to also deal fight insurance companies or deal with the legal process alone. With our firm, you won’t have to. We have a team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys know that our clients are counting on us to get them fair compensation as quickly as possible.

  • Counsel Trial Assistance

    We offer our invitation to help all attorneys on their cases and their referrals to us. We will take care of your case like we do all of ours. Let us help you with the work, appearances, depositions, hearings and trials. We have real first chair trial experience as well as real world experience in a number of industries, including financial services, insurance, health care, real estate, retail, technology and telecommunications. Our firm is both prepared and positioned to handle complex corporate litigation matters and crisis management situations where time is of the essence.

  • Criminal Law

    We strongly believe that juries have the same priorities whether they are hearing civil or criminal cases. That is one reason our team has made it a point to represent clients in both civil and criminal matters. Everyday innocent members of our community are wrongfully accused of crimes by overzealous police departments and governmental agencies. This fact compels us to use our experience and resources to fight for the rights of the wrongfully accused even when facing long odds and the deep pockets of governmental agencies.If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, give us a call so we can stand beside you, tell your story and fight for your rights.